Scott Massey, PhD

Managing Director, Global Partnership for Sustainable Solutions

Scott Massey is Founding Chairman and CEO of Global Action Platform, a leading university-business alliance that advances scalable, sustainable solutions for improving global food, health, and prosperity. Dr. Massey is the former President and CEO of The Meridian Institute (Indianapolis), a national think tank that focuses on economics, education, and healthcare. His other previous roles include President and CEO, The Learning Collaborative, President and CEO, The Indiana Humanities Council, and Founding President and CEO of the Leonard Bernstein Center.

Dr. Massey is also a published author, speaker, and Emmy-Award nominated television documentary producer. Dr. Massey is an expert in connecting academic, business, and government sectors to further economic development initiatives. Dr. Massey earned his PhD from Vanderbilt University with a focus on cybernetics and the philosophy of science and logic.