R Geoffrey Sargent, PhD

Founder and CEO, Gene Tether

Geoff Sargent is a career scientist and healthcare executive with extensive experience in life science research and biotechnology business development. Dr. Sargent has worked with several early-stage biotechnology companies, including Pangene and EgCell Scientific. As Associate Director and Sr. Scientist at Advanced Cell Technology (ACT), Dr. Sargent managed the opening of the West Coast ACT laboratory, recruited and managed staff, led research teams, and co-authored numerous CIRM grants. While VP of R&D at EgCell, Dr. Sargent directed fundraising and commercialization efforts.

More recently, Dr. Sargent worked as a senior scientist at UCSF, developing novel gene therapy approaches.  Dr. Sargent has published over 20 scientific articles in the fields of Gene Targeting, DNA Repair & Mutagenesis, Embryonic Stem Cells, and DNA Metabolism.