Purpose-driven Company

Onconetics is a purpose-driven company developing the world’s first targeted gene therapy platform. They are pioneering a revolution in drug development that will change the paradigm of cancer treatment.  Onconetics was accepted into IndieBio’s Accelerator Program in October 2017 and graduated from the program in April 2018.  During this time the team generated proof of concept data for their approach to develop highly specific gene therapies targeting cancer.  Their technology allows for gene therapies to specifically target cancer cells without targeting other healthy cells in the body.  Currently, the team is working to optimize and expand its platform and is expecting to have its breast cancer therapy in the clinic by 2022.

Redefining the field through innovation, development, and expertise.

Onconetics was founded in honor of Dieter Gruenert, Ph.D., an intended Co-Founder, who passed away in April, 2016. Dr. Gruenert was a leader in gene therapy research creating many of the fundamental techniques used in the field today. His son, Luke Gruenert, developed Onconetics’ technology while working in Dr. Gruenert’s lab at UCSF.  With Onconetics, Luke and co-founder Gabriel Hitchcock continue Dr. Gruenert’s tireless commitment to pushing the frontiers of science and medicine.